Phone Home

Phone home is a daemon that store gps informations generated by other applications such as maemomapper, and wait untill an internet connection is available to report them to a remote xmlrpc server with the time the gps fixes occured.

It also send live picture every five minutes when a connection is up. The goal being, in case your tablet got stolen, if the new owner uses the gps and connect to the internet, you should be able to know where the tablet was, as well as get a chance to see some pic of whoever is using it.

To say the least, it is not ready to be "in production" yet, but is already good enough to be used as a gps tracker.

The project is made of a c daemon, a python configuration frontend, and a a php xmlrpc web site. All code is available in the garage svn repository.

Both daemon and configuration frontend are available in the extras devel repository: Install "phonehome-gui". Register an account to the web server, and create a device profile.
Then tells the gui your tablet mac address, your web server password, and the xmlrpc page to use ( if you are using the test server). Check the configuration is ok with the "test" button, save your changes with the "ok" button, and uninstall phonehome-gui, so all that is left on the tablet is the configured daemon.

In order to enable debugging, launch
gconftool-2 -t bool -s '/apps/osso/phonehome/log_debug' true
Log messages will be located in /tmp/phonehome-debug.txt

Please use the garage page to report bugs, propose suggestion or patches.